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The Company is independent and fully controlled by its active partners.
Although not substantial in terms of overall size, the Company is still substantial based on the volume of newbuilding and S&P transactions concluded annually.

Many of our clients have over the years rendered their strong support to our company based on the values which define our business model. In particular, our ability to discreetly handle confidential business has been appreciated, and confidentiality is often a prerequisite for successful transactions.
Based in Oslo, the Company maintains a strong foothold in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets. Additionally, our extensive international network has over the years proven to be of vital importance, and it has contributed substantially to our track record.

Originally concentrating on sale and purchase of secondhand tonnage, the company today covers a wide range of services within the shipping industry.
Our focus remains to assist an extensive network of clients for newbuilding projects, financing, period chartering, S&P transactions, structuring projects - as well as offering consultancy services, including valuations on specific projects.

The company today consists of highly educated brokers with substantial knowledge and competence.