About us

Oslo Shipbrokers a.s was established in August, 1987.
The Company today totals seven brokers - all highly educated and with an international mindset.
The four partners active in the Company all have an extensive experience in the international shipbroking profession serving clients all around the World.

The Company is independent with the shares controlled by the partners / employees. The size of the Company may not be large in an overall sense but is substantial in terms of its volume of newbuilding and shipsale / purchase transactions. At the same time, through its relatively small staff, the Company is able to discreetly handle confidential business which is often a prerequisite for a successful transaction.

Based in Oslo, the Company logically has a strong foothold in the Norwegian and other Scandinavian markets. Nevertheless, it has also sought to develop and maintain a continuous dialogue with many foreign clients on a world-wide basis. As a result, the Company has always done even more international - than Scandinavian originated - business.

Although the sale and purchase of existing ships used to be the core of the Company's business, transactions and service within the fields of Contracting newbuildings, Valuations, Consultancy and Arrangement of longterm period employment form an equally important part of the Company's activity.

The Company is a member of the International Transport Intermediaries Club Limited, London, which is the recognised Professional Indemnity Insurance Club for the shipbroking profession.

Oslo Shipbrokers a.s - THE SKY IS OUR LIMIT!